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Junior Davis Cup Qualifying – Delhi – 18th – 24th April

Friday 22 April – We won today’s Semi-Final against Thailand 2 – 1. Finals tomorrow against No.1 seeds Japan.

Thursday 21 April – We won today against Chinese-Tapei. We now play Thailand tomorrow in the Semi Final Play Off.

Wednesday 20 April - We won our group yesterday in the Junior Davis Cup Qualifying in Delhi and have guaranteed our spot in the Quarter final play offs starting Thursday 21 April. We are seeded No. 2 and play our first rubber against Chinese-Tapei seeded No.4.

Here is the link to the Junior Davis Cup playoffs

Cheers Blake

Time Home - Away Score Court
  Mon 18/04/2011 10:45 AUSTRALIA [2][AUS] - [INA] INDONESIA 3-0 3
  Mon 18/04/2011 10:45 PHILIPPINES[PHI] - [HKG] HONG KONG [5] 1-2 7
  Tue 19/04/2011 09:00 AUSTRALIA [2][AUS] - [PHI] PHILIPPINES 3-0 2
  Tue 19/04/2011 09:00 INDONESIA[INA] - [HKG] HONG KONG [5] 0-3 7
  Wed 20/04/2011 09:00 PHILIPPINES[PHI] - [INA] INDONESIA 2-1 7
  Wed 20/04/2011 09:00 AUSTRALIA [2][AUS] - [HKG] HONG KONG [5] 2-1 3

Turkey Blog – 11 February 2011

Hi, Just giving you an update on how things are going in Turkey.In the third Tournament I won my first round 6/3 7/6 against a guy who was 1700 ATP. In the second round I played the Number 9 Junior in the World and he is 800 ATP, I lost 6/4 6/7 6/0 the match went for 3.5 hours I had many chances in the first set and even though the third set was 6/0 I had game points in every game. Even though I lost Dad was so happy as the guy was Runner Up at Orange Bowl a few weeks ago. In other news the guy who made the Quarter Finals at the Aussie Open Alexandr Dolgopolov’s father was there and he told Dad that  I had a great future in tennis. I am getting great practice every week with guys in the top 1000 ATP and feel like I am improving as I have beaten them in practice. 

I will keep you all posted.. Cheers Blake

Turkey Futures 3 and now Futures 4 – Blog

Blog 1 – January 25 2011 – I have been in Turkey for 3 weeks now. My first tournament I lost in 3 sets. I am now realising what winning matches use to be like as getting a set here is like Gold. My second tournament  yesterday I won my match 6-3 7-6 against a guy 1700 in the world. I have had some great training sessions and great hits against some really good guys. It is a great experience, I have my second round match but its raining now, so ill do some gym work and prepare for when we are back on. You can keep an eye on my results through this link ..

Blog 2 – February 04 2011- Ok a lot more to talk about as this is opening our eyes to a whole new world, and if you Juniors think you can come over here and step up easy you have another think coming. Get out now !as this is a battle ground you go from being what you think a good player to a nobody ! I have been through all my shoes they are now worn out ps. I brought 6 pairs with me, roll of strings and gatorade powders so as to save on our costs in buying things unnecessarily over here as we did not know costs and for not wanting to leave the tournament resort unnessarily. Well I have worn the shoes through, been through one whole roll of string, due to the intensity of the hitting (these were meant to last me the whole 3 months) and it is always against guys ranked in the world so it is a phenomenal hit, these hits you beg to get or pay to have back home. Our hits and warm ups here feel like you’v played a 5 set match at home in a Final then double it. There are players everywhere now and I am so amazed at how they notice me and have offered to hit with me being the youngest. Maybe I just stand out for this very reason. They call me “Little Lleyton” . Against my normal self I have been chasing the good hits, you have too! they say yes and at times you have to share a court half each with another pair practising. You have to otherwise you are out of a tournament and have to wait for the next one that can be days. So I have been up every morning and I have had someone to hit with lined up most days. This is certainly an eye opener for me and Dad .. here we are with the pressure of making it into just the qualifying of an event, the waiting and watching the list dwindle watching your name move up the list just to play the Qualifying. As top ranked players make it into the big one and then you watch for the Qualifying draw with players changing their mind and going elsewhere is mind numbing wondering whether you’ve come all this way and don’t make it in. The top 18 are now in and decided for the Main Draw and they range from players ranked 327 to 699 in the world. The Qualifying list is out and it has 56 players named the top ranked being 716 in the world ranking down to 1744 ranked in the world sitting at place 33  . Then the rest of  us below with no ranking coming all this way on to make it in the final spots from 33 to 56. I just scrape in at 49th spot. I’m playing !  We set out to find some shops and leave the Resort for the first time in 4 weeks to buy some new shoes. We buy 3 pairs they are a bit cheaper over here thank goodness. We strike up a conversation and get to know the guy and assure him we will be back in a couple of weeks.

Link to tournament

Cheers Blake

Kyle Smith – enjoys a day with Sam Stosur

Kyle Smith 7 from Figtree possibly had the best day of his little life yesterday at Centre Court Ken Rosewall Arena Sydney Olymplic Park watching me train with Sam Stosur. Kyle absolutely loves his tennis and spending the day with Sam and her coach Dave Taylor and Simmone was an inspirational day not only for Kyle but for all of us.. Sam was so nice to Kyle, she signed his hat and Dave gave him all the balls we trained with.. Kyle absolutely loves his tennis and trains at Bulli Tennis Centre. Kyle sat enthralled courtside watching the World’s no. 6 Women’s Player..

Kyle sent this message:

“Thanks for the great day Blake. I had loads of fun watching you with Sam. I loved being allowed to have a hit with you on centre court too. Thanks for the sweat bands and i look forward to playing nerf gunns!

Ok Kyle you don’t have to tell everyone I play with Nerf Guns shhhh..come over and ill drag them out for you..haha Cheers Blake

Blake hits with former US Open Champion Pat Rafter

PROMISING Bulli tennis player Blake Mott had the self-described best week of his life, attending a training session with Lleyton Hewitt and warming up Sam Stoser for her big clash at the Australian Open in Melbourne this year.

Stoser’s coach Dave Taylor asked Mott if he would lend a hand during Stoser’s warm-up before her match with Serena Williams.

Mott was attending the Australian Open as part of the 2010 National Performance Academy Camp.

He has also secured a full-time scholarship with the AIS in Sydney under full-time coach and former tour player Sandon Stolle.

Besides sharing time with Australia’s top male and female singles players, Mott had another highlight. Former US Open champion Pat Rafter also asked to have a hit with him at Australia’s grand slam.

While he was heading back to Sydney by car the Bulli teenager received the surprise call.

“I got a call to get back to the Open – Pat Rafter would like to hit with me at 3pm that day”. His dad Terry doing a U-turn on the Hume Highway was a dream come true for Mott, to be heading back to hit with a former world number one in Pat Rafter.

Date: 11/02/2010
Publication: Illawarra Mercury
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