FINAL DAYS IN SPAIN 26th March 2010.. Blake

We have had another intense week of training on the clay and I feel every day gets better and better. We have had a few days of rain which we used for extra gym sessions and catching up on school work much to my dislike (the schoolwork part that is, “cringe”) but Tebbsy won through on that one. I have now added Carbonara to my culinary list.. and lots of it. I’m havin a blast and training good.

Jay left me to bachelor alone due to an injury he got, he has now flown home early to recover.. After a few nights,  Li joined me and we have become good mates and get on really well.. We now look forward to Sunday when we pack up and travel to Livorno, Italy to play our first tournament on the clay….I’m really looking forward to putting this hard work we have done here at Barcellona into practice at Livorno….