A big thanks to Mr B………………Mr Barclay can be contacted on edcoach@bigpond.com

I have been coached by Mr Barclay for 8 years. He was there for my first lesson and is still there now encouraging me and developing my game to its full potential…he keeps going on about AIS and the three E’s… A – attitude I – intensity S – superstar..and E – enthusiasm E – energy and E – effort. Then he goes on about the One Hit One Point One Game One Set One Match which is great advice, since that was Rod Laver’s philosophy. Between us we’v worn out Court 1 at Bulli. Mr Barclay can be contacted on edcoach@bigpond.com

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Blake Mott

I'm 19, I live in Melbourne and train at the Melbourne High Performance Tennis Academy of Tennis Australia. My coach is Peter Luczak.