Just boarded ! Heading to Finals in Europe

Returned late Thursday from QLD ITF’s I felt I played well making Quarter Finals of both events. I fly out now to Brisbane to catch flight to Dubai then onto Paris for stopover then onto Vienna for the Czech Republic to play World Junior Finals starting next week. I am very excited to be playing for Australia and will keep you all posted. Cheers Blake

29 thoughts on “Just boarded ! Heading to Finals in Europe”

  1. G’day Blake.

    mate just check the site after a busy few months, I want to swap to lives with you! Paris, Dubai, Czech Republic, give me that life every day of the week, one problem is I probably / can’t play tennis as good as you!

    Good on you mate, keep improving and I’ll see you on the court later this year buddy if you get home….


  2. Hi Glen,

    How are you ? Thanks.. and congratulations on the launch of BigFootOz. I’ll be back in November for a few tournaments and Xmas look forward to catching up with you guys then. Cheers Blake

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  4. thanks Mark.. its very easy and basic as it is maintained by me, meaning not the most professional but its up to me to keep it maintained and i do all my own blogs. It was kindly offered to me by Dylan of Feel Creative Web Design free of charge as long as I maintained it..I would definately recommend these guys to anyone. You truly are getting the real me, on my tennis dream and will keep it fully updated.. thanks again for your comments they are truly appreciated.. cheers Blake

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  6. Thank you and I really appreciate you doing so.. It helps me, and I hope you enjoy my day by day trials and tribulations in making it to the top in tennis….kind regards Blake

  7. thank you very much.. I will be keeping it updated and full of the true hard work that is required, the most supportive team and family one needs to make it in tennis and the many sacrifices I and everyone around me has to make.. I wouldnt change it for anything.. Ill keep you all posted.. blake

  8. Thanks mate, I will find out (re site and search engines).. This is seriously hard work at 14.. I thought I was training hard before and now I have stepped it up a level .. my body aches at night, I swim, do weights 2 days and now train 2-3 hours of tennis training morning and afternoon.. I hit with stronger older guys that really push me and this is hard,but I’m gonna make it and I truly believe the harder you push the better results, I know what I want I now have to go get it… cheers Blake

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