“The Worlds Best” – our dissapointments and triumphs

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1I0kvi7co8   Interview – Review of Event in Czech Republic – Prue Ryan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_ysRPpr2iQ&feature=channel  Interview Blake Mott – 08 August 2010  – News Tennis Australia Czech Republic

Hi, I had my chances I knew I could beat him, I battled it out to 13-11 in the third against Christian Garin from Chile (1-6 6-0 13-11) he came out strong for the big points this was his surface, the atmosphere was amazing to have the whole Australian Team so vocal, always cheering us on, the Australian girls team, coaches, Tennis Australia support staff it was truly an atmosphere i’ll remember forever.  We did our best, we had some great triumphs to get here, then to come up against Chile in our pool, the eventual winners was always going to be tough, we went onto beat the no.2 seeds USA for 7th position, the highs the lows this is Tennis.

Thanks to the hosts for a great Finals event, the farewell party for all the players and captains on Friday night was great fun,  we had a barbecue and some fun activities, including archery, target shooting with a paintball gun, tightrope walking and a disco. We also got to meet American basketballer Dustin Villepigue, originally from Los Angeles, Villepigue has played basketball all over the world, most recently as a member of the Prostejov team in the Czech Republic league he said he enjoyed watching my epic match against Chile which went Chile’s way 13-11 in the third.  The Chilean team and support crew were quite loud and passionate in support of their players, so it was great to have him on our side. Thanks to Eurosport and Radio Wimbledon sports journalist Guy McCrea who gave us some tips on how to deal with the media. Thanks to Prue for keeping our families back home updated with the latest news, I know they appreciated it!

This was a phenomenal experience and I hope to do it again soon representing my Country!

I’ll head home, work extra hard with some intense training. Cheers Blake