I attended Alan Jones’s Silver Jubilee Celebrating 25 years in Broadcasting


On Friday night the 5th November me and Dad attended Alan Jones’s Silver Jubilee celebrating his 25 years in Broadcasting at the Sydney Convention Centre Bayside Grand Hall. It was a great night and I met so many amazing people. I met and chatted with Lleyton and Karl Stefanovic from Nine was so funny, Ray Hadley was there Darryl Brohman from 2GB and the Continuous Call team, Matty Johns, James Packer, John Singleton, Brett Lee, Ian Thorpe and so many more, and I even got my photo taken with John Howard well I thought I did till Dad pushed the wrong button and it was gone NO PHOTO. The speeches were amazing, and Alan spoke about rolling up your sleeves and working hard for what you want. Alan sent me an email after I thanked him for a great night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJicAeV-YcU
“9 November 2010

Dear Blake, What a lovely note.  I’m glad you were there on Friday night and had a good time …But what about your dad!  It’s your turn to shout at him, Blake…. 

 With best wishes, Alan Jones AO
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