Kyle Smith – enjoys a day with Sam Stosur

Kyle Smith 7 from Figtree possibly had the best day of his little life yesterday at Centre Court Ken Rosewall Arena Sydney Olymplic Park watching me train with Sam Stosur. Kyle absolutely loves his tennis and spending the day with Sam and her coach Dave Taylor and Simmone was an inspirational day not only for Kyle but for all of us.. Sam was so nice to Kyle, she signed his hat and Dave gave him all the┬áballs we trained with.. Kyle absolutely loves his tennis and trains at Bulli Tennis Centre. Kyle sat enthralled courtside watching the World’s no. 6 Women’s Player..

Kyle sent this message:

“Thanks for the great day Blake. I had loads of fun watching you with Sam. I loved being allowed to have a hit with you on centre court too. Thanks for the sweat bands and i look forward to playing nerf gunns!

Ok Kyle you don’t have to tell everyone I play with Nerf Guns shhhh..come over and ill drag them out for you..haha Cheers Blake