1st Round win 6-2 6-3 Win ! Korea F6 Gimcheon Mens Future ITF (Press Enter)

14 June 2013

Hi everyone, I lost my 2nd round singles match yesterday 6-0 6-2, the guy played too good he had a very good serve and got me on a few tough points where I lost my concentration. To his credit he played very well, I got very dissapointed in myself, it was very close in some games and he just kept making it on the tough points. Spoke at length with Des and he said he was very happy to see I didnt lose my cool under the circumstances and that I’d grown as a player. It takes time and is a working progress. On the upside my partner and I are into the semi’s of the doubles which we play later today. Cheers Blake

12 June 2013

Hi everyone, I won my first match yesterday 6-2 6-3 in the main draw here in Gimcheon F6 Futures. I feel I played really well, I am very happy with my match. I really feel it was the best I’ve played so far over here. I play now on Thursday for my next singles match, but am playing doubles today. 🙂 Cheers Blake



We have arrived in Gimcheon for the F6 Mens Future event here in Korea. I am currently with Des Tyson and we’ve been training hard in the humid conditions its around 28 – 29 degress.

Here is the draw: http://www.atpworldtour.com/posting/2013/6822/mds.pdf 🙂

I play second on after 11am today. Ill keep you all posted with how I go. You can watch livescores here: http://www.livescores.com.au/tennis/itf-men-singles/gimcheon/

Cheers Blake